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TDR Machine Warranties

Every new ma­chine sup­plied by TDR is covered by a 1 year la­bour and parts war­ranty.

In ad­di­tion, we will cover de­liv­ery in both dir­ec­tions for any fault ma­ter­i­al­ising in the first 3 months of pur­chase. Your war­ranty ap­plies to any issue oc­cur­ring from a fail­ure of parts, any dam­age caused by mis­use or from using non-TDR con­sum­ables is not covered by war­ranty and would be chargeable at our stand­ard rate.
(£45 plus VAT per hour plus any parts re­quired)

Re­con­di­tioned ma­chines are gen­er­ally covered by a 6 month la­bour and parts war­ranty. Car­riage in both dir­ec­tions is covered for the first quarter 6 weeks in this case. The exact war­ranty terms will be stated on the ma­chine page and will ap­pear on your in­voice from us.

For added peace of mind we offer ex­ten­ded war­ranties on most of the ma­chines in our range. When pur­chas­ing a ma­chine you have the op­tion to pur­chase ad­di­tional war­ranty cover in a 1 year or 2 year ca­pa­city.

If you feel your ma­chine has an issue, please stop using it and call Sup­port for guid­ance straight away.

The ma­chines we sup­ply are very re­li­able, and thank­fully is­sues are rare, but we hope this level of Sup­port gives you in­creased con­fid­ence.


About Us

We are the UK distributors of the range of Azuradisc disc repair machines.

Our machines remove scratches and other damage from CDs, DVDs and Game discs, returning each one to pristine, as new condition.

Perfect Play was acquired by Total Disc Repair in 2011 and retains its individuality from the TDR brand, though all sales and support for the Auradisc machines and consumables are dealt with by the Total Disc Repair team.

You can find out more about Total Disc Repair on the UK website

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